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PreCanPower Code of Conduct

All members shall always demonstrate good sportsmanship, courtesy, consideration, and respect towards others.

Be safe on the ice.  All skaters are required to wear full hockey equipment, including a helmet and neck guard, and have a stick. Any skater who does not have the proper equipment will not be permitted to participate in the session.

Skaters are permitted to take to the ice only after the Zamboni has left the ice, the Zamboni gate is closed, and a coach is either rinkside or on the ice. Do not stop and talk to spectators in the viewing gallery. This creates a potentially dangerous situation since you are not paying attention to other skaters. Never chew gum while on the ice.

Use the appropriate dressing rooms. Please check which dressing room to use. Under no circumstances should male PreCanPower skaters enter a dressing room marked “Girls Only”.

Use appropriate language. Swearing or the use of abusive language while on the ice, in one of our off-ice classes, or any other part of the arena is not appropriate. The rink is a training centre for all ages.

Respect skaters’ self esteem.  Encouraging words are welcome. Any parent/skater who believes a child’s self esteem or skating ability is being attacked by another skater should first speak to their skater’s coach, who will in turn discuss the situation with the appropriate parties. In the event that an acceptable outcome is not achieved OR the parent is uncomfortable discussing the situation with the coach, the parent is advised to approach a member of SMSC’s Board of Directors.

Violations of SMSC’s Skater Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. If you have concerns, either speak to your skater’s coach or seek out a member of our Board of Directors.

Members/Parents will be contacted if skaters act contrary to the code of conduct and in severe and/or repeat cases a suspension of membership (short or long term) is possible.

Read Skate Canada's Code of Ethics

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