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SMSC Complaints Reporting and Resolution

SMSC Members may submit a complaint in confidence to

SMSC is dedicated to nurturing a culture that supports skating in a fun and friendly environment that challenges everyone to perform at their very best. SMSC will proceed as follows once the complaint has been received;

  1. An Executive Board member (President or Vice-President) will contact the complainant to discuss the situation in detail and the outcome they are seeking.
  2. The discussion will be recorded and identify if there is an immediate threat to the complainant.
  3. If the complaint is serious in nature, the executive Board Member will inform Skate Canada via their policy procedure.
  4. Within 2 weeks all parties involved will be spoken with and all relevant information recorded, protected and stored.
  5. The executive Board members (President, Vice president) and Coaching representative (if necessary) will decide on a realistic outcome, discipline and follow up meetings with parties involved.
  6. The Executive Board members will present to a special Board meeting the resolution that benefits all parties involved. A board vote will be needed. Privacy of the members involved will be mandatory.
  7. Response by the Member receiving the resolution approved will have 5 days to respond back to the Executive Board member.
  8. Communication in writing to both parties will be done once resolution has been agreed to and the complaint closed.

The above procedure will be followed however if a member has experienced personal harassment, which includes physical or verbal abuse (bullying behaviour) or has witnessed another member being bullied and would prefer to deal with Skate Canada directly, the member may also submit a complaint to the Complaint Review Officer at the Skate Canada national office as per the process in the Skate Canada Membership Complaints, Hearing and Investigation Procedures Policy. This would also be the procedure for the appeal process.

In most severe cases SMSC would put in a report to Skate Canada once the process has started and have that documented for further review if necessary.

Complaints Reporting and Resolution document

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