WELCOME  -  Volunteering at SMFSC  


A link to our volunteer search page will appear when positions are ready online. See also our STARSkate Fundraising and Volunteer Commitments. Volunteer positions will be on a first come, first serve basis.


Please only sign up for 1 block / listings.  We have lots of members needing to do hours over the year and there will be plenty of opportunities to do that. To make sure that you are credited with your volunteer time and that the buy out of $250 is removed from your account ,please use the name associated with your skaters account. 


NEW IN SEPT 2018 -  if you have a skater in your family that is 16 yrs or older , they can now be considered to do the volunteer time towards your buyout. When we post positions it will stipulate if a young adult can be considered for that posted position.

PLEASE NOTE:  Program Assistants who are with the Can Skate lessons - their hours go towards Highschool or our Mentoring program. These volunteer hours cannot be used towards the buyout hours. 



A minimum of 5 hours must be completed for the $250 buy out to be removed from your account. Depending upon your interest and expertise , volunteering can be for special events , test days, handing out materials to classes or recruiting volunteers for the semi-annual Ice show.  Hours can be done over the entire season.



Please understand that while volunteering , watching your own chidren, other children or leaving to do other errands is not acceptable .  Please make sure you arrive on time and are availalable the entire required time stipulated. If you are unable to do this then the credit for the volunteer hrs will be cancelled.



That depends on your skills and interest as well as in consultation with the club. SMSC is always looking for executive members , BINGO helpers, special event organizers, people to oversee sponsorship and fundraising, public and media relations.  How you can assist is contingent on the limits of your imagination. We want to tap into your interest and work with your schedule.