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STAR 1 - Gold Program Assessment / Test

If you are a non-SMSC skater and would like to be assessed on one of our scheduled Assessment days, please go to the bottom part of this page and purchase the $35 Non-SMSC Assessment ticket. You must be pre-approved prior to purchasing a ticket. 

The STAR 1 - Gold program encourages long-term athlete development and the tenets of skating for life. Skate Canada ensures that ALL coaches have taken and successfully fulfilled all aspects of the training course designed to meet all requirements of the “Assessment Component” of the STAR 1 - Gold in order to evaluate or "assess" their skaters level.

STAR 1 - 5 Program


This “Assessment” component of the STAR 1 - 5 Programs is completed by your Skaters’ Base Coach at skaters regular scheduled skating session.

The coach will notify skater a minimum of 1 week ahead of assessment date.

Parent must purchase the ticket on-line & print serialized tickets.

Select the print ticket(s) button icon to ensure you are printing the actual ticket and not the invoice.

Write the Skate Canada number on the printed ticket(s). This ticket must be given to the coach at time of assessment.

Note: Skaters will not be evaluated unless a valid printed ticket is submitted to coach

SMSC Member
STAR 1 - 5 Assessment Ticket - $15 per assessment



STAR 6 - Gold Program

Here are some highlights of the program:

  • The Interpretive discipline is now called Artistic.
  • STAR 5 Artistic will be assessed by your base coach during your regular skating session.
  • STAR 7, STAR 9 and Gold Artistic will be assessed by a Skate Canada evaluator during the scheduled assessment day(s).
  • STAR 6, STAR 8, STAR 10 and Gold Skills can be assessed one of two ways: on a skater's regular skating session by their certified base coach or on a designated assessment day by a Skate Canada evaluator
  • STAR 6 - Gold Dances will still be assessed by a Skate Canada evaluator during the scheduled assessment day(s).
  • STAR 6 - Gold Freeskate Elements and Program will still be assessed by a Skate Canada evaluator during the scheduled assessment day(s).

Click on the links below for more information.

STAR 6 - Gold Equivalency Overview Chart
STAR 6 - Gold Equivalency Chart by Discipline

STAR 6 - Gold Assessment Guidelines

As directed by Skate Canada (Skate Ontario), once the final assessment lists have been submitted to the assessment coordinator (2 weeks prior to test day), NO refunds will be awarded unless it is a medical reason.

The Assessment day schedule will be posted at the rink and on the website approximately (1) one week prior to the scheduled assessment date. All Ice Sessions and Off Ice Classes are CANCELLED on Star 6-Gold Assessment Days.

STAR 6 - Gold Assessment Day(s) as follows:

Thursday, November 9th, 2023 

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 

Thursday, June 6th, 2024 Tentative Assessment Day Schedule for June 6th 2024.pdf

Note: Skills Assessment is taking place on Friday, June 7th, 2024 (please check the schedule carefully)


Tickets MUST be purchased on-line and printed to hand in (we will not be accepting cash) or viewed on a device so it can be scanned at the check in table. 

Costs for Assessment:
STAR 6 - Gold 1st assessment $25.00.
Each Additional STAR 6 - Gold assessment is $15.00.

Skaters who apply to take challenge assessment without having passed the previous assessments must pay the applicable assessment fee plus a challenge fee of $60 per part (i.e., $60 for freeskate elements and $60 for freeskate program and $60 for each pattern dance)

Upon arrival, ALL Skaters must sign-in at the registration table and hand in their purchased & printed on-line ticket(s) or have the ticket on a device so it can be scanned. 

Skaters will not be evaluated unless they have paid for their assessments.

Please adhere to the following regulations: Be at the arena 30 minutes before your actual scheduled time to be assessed. Assessment days are scheduled based on the guidelines published by Skate Canada, however, each evaluator works at his/her own pace. Please arrive at the arena 30 minutes ahead of your warm up time and be ready to go on early if required.

  • All warm-ups are to be done inside Rink 3 (not in the lobby of Meadowvale 4 Rinks).
  • Good luck!
Are you a parent? If a skater who is scheduled to be assessed and does not show up for their assessment on the assessment day, you are STILL responsible for paying for their assessment.
  • To ensure our assessment day runs smoothly and quietly, parents are not permitted at ice-level during assessment days.

  • Parents can access the upstairs viewing area via the Rink 4 entrance. If your skater needs help tying skates, their coach will bring them out to the lobby so you can do that.

SMSC Member
STAR 6 - Gold 1st Assessment Ticket - $25

(1 ticket required per Assessment day)

SMSC Member
Additional STAR 6 - Gold  Assessment Ticket - $15 / each

(must first purchase the $25 STAR 6 - Gold 1st Assessment ticket)

Non-SMSC skater: before purchasing a ticket, please make sure that your home club received a confirmation from SMSC that you are allowed to be assessed.

 Non-SMSC Skater Assessment Ticket ($35 / each assessment)

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