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Figure Skating at SMSC

STARSkate Canada

For our skaters who have successfully progressed through our CanSkate program, our club offers the STARSkate figure skating program. To participate in STARSkate, skaters select a coach and, under their guidance, will learn jumps and spins in freeskate, ice dance, and interpretive skating. STARSkaters progress through an increasingly complex series of skills via Skate Canada’s nationally standardized testing system. We complement our on-ice instruction with specialized off-ice training.

STARSkate = Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition

In STARSkate, there are three usual paths:

  • Many skaters progress through a series of Skate Canada tests, through which they continue to hone their skills.
  • Some skaters enter nearby competitions while still trying Skate Canada tests.
  • Coaches may identify high potential skaters to enter the competitive program, either in singles, dance or pairs, and represent SMSC at competitions in Skate Ontario and beyond.

Who can register for STARSkate?

Skaters who complete CanSkate level 5 or 6 are able to move on to work on more advanced figure skating skills in STARSkate.

We also welcome skaters who achieve a similar skating level in a non-CanSkate program -- such as with the City of Mississauga or other organizations. Those skaters are invited to participate in complimentary STARSkate assessment; please contact if you are interested in booking one.

New skaters will participate in at least one PreJunior session per week, which includes a minimum of 30-minutes of group lessons.

For more information about joining our SMSC’s STARSkate program, please see our New to STARSkate page. 

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