STARSkate Fees, Policies & Refund Information

Our Program

Our STARSkaters range in age from 6 years to adult. Participants have completed CanSkate level 5 or 6 (or have participated in a complimentary on-ice assessment with SMFSC). STARSkaters select a coach and, under their guidance, will learn jumps and spins in freeskate, ice dance, and interpretive skating. STARSkaters progress through an increasingly more complex series of skills via Skate Canada’s nationally standardized testing system.

Only members in good standing and those who skate a Minimum of 2 regular sessions per week (does not include "Reserve ice")  will be allowed to test and  participate in club events.

Important note

By registering online all skaters/parents agree to all SMFSC policies, Skater’s Code of Conduct and Athlete’s Release as outlined in the online waiver prior to registration.

Schedule is subject to revision based on skater registration should the SMFSC Board of Directors deem necessary. SMFSC cannot guarantee that all sessions will be held at Meadowvale-4-Rinks on Rink 3. Due to maintenance, over booking or other reasons, the City may relocate SMFSC to another rink.

Requirements /Policies

  • Residency Requirement (as required by the City of Mississauga): The majority of all Participants must reside in Mississauga. There will be an additional fee of $60 for all non-resident members; this fee will be transferred to the City of Mississauga.
  • Age requirements: Open to skaters who have completed the prerequisites as outlined below.
  • Prerequisites:

Pre-Junior – Participants must have completed CanSkate Level 5 or 6 (or have participated in a complimentary skills assessment with SMFSC)

STARSkate – Participants must have skated in a minimum one Pre-Junior session from at least January 2016.

  • To be a member in good standing at our Club, you must  pay club fees as are stipulated by the Club Board of Directors. Only STARSkaters who skate a minimum of TWO regular sessions per week - does not include "Reserve ice") will be allowed to test and participate in Club Events

  • Equipment: Skaters must wear proper skates and gloves. Equipment is not available to rent, so participants must make arrangements to have equipment by the first session. Participants without appropriate equipment will not be permitted on the ice.
  • No Make ups for Missed Classes: Skaters sign up for a specific session and cannot be accommodated on another session if they have to miss a day for any reason.
  • Cancelled Classes: SMFSC cannot make up a class or provide a refund if there is a cancellation due to severe weather or other circumstances beyond the control of SMFSC.
  • Refund Policy: See details of our refund policy below.
  • Supervision: SMFSC Inc. does not offer supervision for STARSkaters outside of their on- and off-ice sessions. Young skaters must be dropped off and picked up INSIDE Rink 3 and NOT at the front entrance.


Skate Canada Membership Fees

When you sign up for a skating program at our club, you are required to also become a member of Skate Canada. This annual $36 fee is valid from Sept. 1 2016 to Aug. 31 2017 (you will only pay it once during a season, no matter how many STARSkate or other sessions you register for).  It includes insurance coverage, along with access to all Skate Canada programs. Please note that your skater information will be shared with Skate Canada through this website.

This fee does not stay with the club, but is sent on to Skate Canada in Ottawa. For more information about Skate Canada, visit

STARSkate/Competitive Schedule

Fall/Winter 2016-2017

****In addition to the lesson fees shown below, each participant must pay:

  • $36 Skate Canada membership fee, payable once per skating season (due upon registration)
  • $75 Administration fee to cover online registration,website hosting, credit card processing as well as banking fees (due upon registration)
  • $60 non-resident fee, payable once per skating season by all non-Mississauga residents (due upon assessment or residency by administrators)
  • Changes to registrations after September 13th, 2016 will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee. Once a change is made, this change is considered final and further changes will not be accepted.  THIS FEE WILL BE ENFORCED. There will be no Fee to add a session.
  • All session fees can either be paid in full up front or in the following installments:
    • 40% due upon registration
    • 20% due on Oct 15th, 2016
    • 20% due on Dec 15th, 2016
    • 20% due on Feb 15th, 2017
  • Special Program fees are not eligible for installment payments
  • All fees can be paid online by credit card or by cheque within 3 days of registration. If paying by installment payments by cheque, please provide post-dated cheques for your future installment payments.


Download and print copies of our STARSkate 2016-2017 Schedules:

2016-2017 Fall/Winter STARSkate Schedule (by day)

2016-2017 Fall/Winter STARSkate Schedule (by level)

2016-2017 Fall/Winter STARSkate Off-Ice Schedule

2016-2017 Fall/Winter STARSkate Special Programs


Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Refund Policy

  • SMFSC has a no refund policy after the first 3 weeks (September 27, 2016) of the STARSkate skating program.  No exceptions will be made.  A pro-rated refund will be granted to any skater choosing to cancel their membership before September 28, 2015 by way of written notification. The amount refunded will be calculated using the pro-rated session fees from date of received notification of termination to the club less a $25 administration fee and the Skate Canada membership fee of $36. Further to this, a credit may be issued for medical reasons only once the club receives a written document requesting a credit, due to lost skating time which consists of 4 or more consecutive weeks and accompanied by a Doctor’s Certificate. All credits of session fees will be pro-rated, minus the Skate Canada fee and Administration Fee.


Guest Skating

Guest skating will only be permitted on sessions where registration has not reached capacity. The number of guest skaters will be limited to the number of spaces available for registration, irrespective of skater absences.  Guest skating tickets must be purchased in advance and can be purchased online at $15 each. Guest skating tickets must be presented to the office for redemption.

A guest skating ticket entitles the bearer to skate on the Freeskate portion of the Sessions, which DOES NOT INCLUDE STROKING OR GROUP INSTRUCTION. Guest skaters must qualify for the level requirements on the session they wish to skate on.







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