Streetsville-Meadowvale FSC Guest Skating

Guest skating is available on a first-come first-served basis on sessions where registration has not reached maximum capacity and skater has qualified for that particular session in which they want to guest skate.

Guest skaters must pay either using guest skating tickets (purchase single tickets online) or cash ($15 per session, please pay your coach). 

Guest skating is not permitted on the stroking or group lession portion of any session or on any PreJunior group sessions.

Guest skating spots are based on registered skaters; guest skating on a session that is already at capacity, regardless of skater absences, is not permitted.

Purchase Guest Skate Tickets

To purchase a ticket online, you must either login to your existing account or create an account if you are not an existing member. Tickets purchased online must be printed and presented to the coach for redemption. 

Purchase Guest Skate Tickets:
$15 / each

Available Guest Skate Times

DayTimeSessionSpots Available
Monday 3:00PM Intermediate High/Senior Open/Comp 15
Monday 3:30 PM Intermediate High/Senior Open/Comp 7
Monday  4:30PM Intermediate Open
Monday  7:40PM Junior Open 0
Monday  8:50PM Intermediate High/Senior Open/Comp 0
Tuesday  4:00PM Intermediate High/Senior Open/Comp 10 
Tuesday  5:00PM  Senior Open/Competitive


Tuesday  6:10 PM  Pre-Junior/Junior Open 1
Tuesday 7:10 PM Intermediate Open 0
Tuesday  8:50 PM  Senior Open/Competitive  12 
 Wednesday 3:30 PM  Intermediate High/Senior Open/Comp 11
 Wednesday 4:30 PM  Junior Open/Intermediate Open 11
 Wednesday 7:30 PM  Intermediate Open  2
Wednesday  8:50 PM  Senior Open/Competitive  3
Thursday 4:00 PM  Intermediate Open  10 
Thursday 5:20 PM  Pre-Junior/Junior Open 12
Thursday 7:20 PM  Senior High/Competitive 10
Thursday 8:20 PM  Intermediate High/Senior 5
Friday 3:30 PM  Intermediate High/Senior Open/Comp 8
Friday 5:00 PM  Pre-Junior / Junior Open / Intermediate  
Saturday 9:00 AM  Intermediate Open  12
Saturday 10:10 AM  Pre-Junior / Junior Open 6
Saturday 12:10 PM  Senior Open/Competitive  9




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