SMFSC Volunteer Board of Directors 

Our Board of Directors is composed entirely of volunteers who are parents of skaters with our Club.

These Directors volunteer their time to work alongside our professional skating coaches in ensuring the smooth and successful operation of our skating club. 

Board members are elected during our Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM). Our Last AGM was held on Wednesday, May 18th 2016 at 7 pm at Meadowvale 4 Rinks.

The elected Directors for 2016/17 are:


President Mary Pat McBride
Vice President Nancy Botelho
Treasurer  Maggie Huang / Cindy Chai
Secretary Susie Lee
Test Chair Andrea Fogh/ Maria Luchak
Competition & Special Events Chair  Sherry Plourde
Ice Chair  Vince Spina
Communications  Eva Laou
Hospitality & Social Chair Nancy Botelho
Music & Data Specialist Ricky Zamora
Sponsorships & Donations Susie Lee & Sherry Plourde
Volunteer Chair Mary Pat McBride
Website Jackie Kwan
Director Cindy Chai
Bingo Michelle Claveau
Off Ice Chair/ Test Co Maria Luchak
Coaching Rep Lawrence Gryniewski





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