Special Programs for STARSkaters to Develop Overall Skating Performance


Dance Patterns & Stroking

Each week we will break down the fundamentals of dance.  The goal is to help skaters understand edge quality and body movement as well as how to incorporate flow and accuracy into their dance steps.  Skaters will work on patterns, elements, proper body posture & technique. The focus will be on the development of strong dance basics as skaters will need these fundamental elements in all of the Skate Canada dances.  With less time dedicated to dance during the week, this session will allow skaters to improve their quality of dancing on ice.  It will also help develop grace, and presentation skills that will benefit all of their skating routines.

Level: Skaters must be working on Junior Bronze and higher dances to qualify for this session



Like every good house, skaters need to build a good foundation.  Here we will work to improve upon their everyday skating skills by bringing it back to basics.  Fundamentals such as edge work, body posture, quality cross cuts, and basic forwards and backdrounds stroking will be broken down to increase each skater's quality of skating.

Level: Intermediate and Senior




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